22 September 2011

"Coming Down" - Why I love Dee Dee Penny

While some critics/listeners/misanthropes criticized the Dum Dum Girls' single "Coming Down" for sounding like Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You", I found absolutely nothing to bemoan. One of the planet's greatest make-out anthems, "Fade Into You" is also my favorite Mazzy Star song. If someone wants to slow it down to twice its length then make it even moodier and torchier, I see it as adding peanut butter to the chocolate syrup. Too much but still perfect? Oh yes. Dum Dum Girls knock it off the continent. I can see the sparks grinding off their heels and flying off the drum kit now. This is what we should be proclaiming as gangsta Nancy Sinatra, kids. In slow motion angst via kiss-off love letters, we have a gorgeous song that slowly fades from the bright, August summer to memories of that rueful fling. Goodbye, goodbye - but drop the needle again.

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