08 October 2011

Gods, Bodies, Sistinas

October is the best season for Danzig. I can listen to Misfits and Black Sabbath all year long, but there’s just one month for my Danzig fix and it’s now right near Halloween. There’s nothing about Danzig III: How The Gods Kill that makes it specific to autumn, October, or Halloween. It’s a versatile album that stands among my favorites and it’s not an album that tires one quickly. On the contrary, I’d argue simply that it feels darker during this season. Am I reading something into it? Maybe. However, I can’t think of another time when that cover art feels more appropriate. No time than now is better to feel the power and glory of Danzig.

To put it straight: Anything, Bodies, How The Gods Kill, Dirty Black Summer, and Left Hand Black are the heart of the album. It’s a superb sequence that never lets up, never lets down, and never relents. In the Danzig catalog, they are among my most favorite songs. The whole album is so strong that even including a ballad – the powerful Sistinas – doesn’t slow down the momentum. It even feels right and necessary to take a moment to reflect. Then the album ends as strongly as it started with When The Dying Calls. In a world of mayhem, darkness, lust for power, and abuse of others, the album concludes its warped journey on just the right note. I can’t help to resist another trip down that road.

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