02 November 2012

Grimes et les corps musicales

Airy, vaporous, diffuse - how is this a problem? At least Lindsay Zoladz got the message. Like her, I'm fascinated by the tensions "between technology and the human body" in Grimes. Or to illustrate this better: the body as seen in "Vanessa" and the body and technology as seen in "Genesis" (both videos directed the lady herself). The former is a lovely, inviting depiction of the body through the ritual and mechanics of dance. The latter is a bright spectacle of the body in its various guises as displays of power. Common to both videos is the display of the body in terms of strength, strangeness, and beauty. I find this rather fascinating as it meets together in the singing which celebrates the body in its essence here. We have the physical nature of the body, but also it seems a spiritual celebration of it. Being as you sing and hearing as you sing also fascinates me in her music. What does the voice summon through this music? I'm not certain, but a feeling of abstract spirituality seems to pervade it. I'm saying at all that this is a religious element. It's just that her falsetto is so angelic that it calls for a reading of this sort. This is why the use of dance seems so appropriate to her work. Or maybe I just need an excuse to dance to it. Either way, this mix of the organic, spiritual, and technological holds a strong appeal for me in its refusal to stay dualistic and confined. I suppose the tag of "post-internet" works, but not for me as I think the wildest dreams of cyberpunks would have it. I guess we'll see how much use for feet in the future can be found in Grimes.

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