09 November 2012

The Visionary Company: Kate Bush and Claire Boucher

Listening to The Kick Inside this morning reminded me of the extent to which Kate Bush opens me up even more to Grimes. I had been thinking about the impact of Enya and Bjork on my listening to Grimes, but it occurred to me how much Kate Bush ends up guiding a deeper appreciation of the new artist. It feels hard to explain this appreciation without making it seem like I’m setting up a comparison or chain of influence of one to the other. It’s just that there’s this element of ecstatic and emotional summoning in Kate Bush that sets off for me the same recognition in Grimes. (I feel a similar recognition vis-a-vis Kate Bush in Antony Hegarty, Patrick Wolf, and Patti Smith.) It’s just that with Kate Bush and Grimes, the musical colors, emotional transitions, and imaginative spaces seem brighter, lighter, and sprightlier. This is just how I believe it reflects on The Kick Inside. I’m not sure if other correspondences would come to mind in other Kate Bush albums. This kinship between the worlds of The Kick Inside and Visions does not feel coincidental. Indeed, it feels like the same beautiful terrain that's been planted and harvested in two different ways.

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