01 November 2012

Venus as a boy and me

Björk came into my life at the right time. This was rather late for me as even kids in my high school  already knew about her, but at least I was fresh to her when I did appreciate her work. Artists gain audiences through their reputation and accumulated work. In my case, I knew Björk through neither. I had heard of her on a very limited song-by-song basis through MTV, but in the end it worked as a fleeting impression. I knew that I liked “It’s Oh So Quiet” however. A few years later, I bought the collection of her music videos and jumped into it. As a keen lover of the form, her eye for the outlandish appealed to me. Those songs made the most immediate impression on me, though. “Venus As A Boy” was the one that I took as my own. I suspect it was due to it being the easiest to dance to. Sophie Muller’s music video sells the song so beautifully, but the playfulness of the music and singing made it so much more memorable. I still don’t know why it’s my favorite song, but it’s always the one that I identify as most like Björk. I love it.

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