08 November 2012

Rosemary in the House of the Devil

I was thinking about two of the most effective moments of shock in a horror film and what came to mind both seemed quite similar. First, there's the dream sequence in Rosemary's Baby where she's impregnated. Second, there's the attempted sacrifice and escape that ends The House of the Devil. Both of these events occur in the film when the mundane reality and vague threat of the location has been established so well that the sudden eruption of both scenes comes as a major shock. The House of the Devil is very careful in this regard as an earlier scene indicated the underlying menace, but the film transitions to building on that tension with the greater atmosphere of the locale. Rosemary's Baby is especially effective in regards to locale as the claustrophobic hotel feels like a labyrinthine prison.Anyway, I thought of this particular shock in both films and was satisfied by how well each film brought them to erupt within its narrative.

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