06 November 2012

"Visions" and "Low" by Day and by Night

Unexpectedly, I found that Visions by Grimes and Low by David Bowie complement each other rather well. The different eras of recording are fascinating, but in terms of tempo and ambience they work together. There's a half-dreaming self-awareness to each record that also puts them on the same planet. When I listened to the two records this morning, I knew that they'd fit together vaguely in a vaporous and dreamy way, but I wasn't ready for how well they would match each other. Bowie's record uses specific moods from song to song, but Grimes' record works in a general ambience with two competing moods within each song. Bowie's record is more minimal where Grimes' record is more exuberant. They work together so well in  ways similar to the night fading into the day. It's incredibly beautiful in how the two albums complement each other, but remain distinct properties. It definitely made my morning so much more enjoyable.

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