11 November 2012


This was a lot more enjoyable than I'd expected. I've not liked Craig very much, but his scenes with Dench were great. I hadn't expected there to be so much of her onscreen, but it really balanced the film as well as added to Craig's struggle as an old agent needing to focus on his future. Ralph Fiennes was a welcome sight. I feel like Naomie Harris wasn't given very much to do - yeah, James, I get it: she's not a field agent - but she still worked it out well. As a great contrast to these cold, professional Brits, I have to admire Javier Bardem here. The man's elegance and mad charm really made all his scenes out as highlights of the entire film. The Oedipal side of his antagonism towards M and Bond was rather interesting, but I was impressed by how Bardem sold it. Roger Deakins stands very high in my estimation here. The whole film looked excellent, but I loved how he shot Scotland so gorgeously. I had been dreading sitting through it, but along with Deakins and Bardem on the ride the pacing hardly made this feel like it was almost two and one half hours. That title sequence was great as well. I might try to catch this again pretty soon.

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